Finding a niche

For people who are more interested in fulfilling their potential than in making money, who are more interested in helping people than in commerce, it can be very difficult to find an environment in which to flourish - to find one's "niche". This forum is offered as a meeting place where such people can put their heads together - and figure out how to find or create those niches.

We want people to focus on what is intrinsically valuable - rather than the 'bringing in of money'. We want to provide people with the opportunity - the time and the freedom - to do this.

Supporting each other

The purpose of this group is to grow a network of people who are willing to help and support each other, and then to actually do that - to make ourselves available to each other, to look out for each other, to be each other's "first port of call" whenever we need something.

Traditionally people meet the majority of their needs via "commerce". We believe we can do better than this - or at least try. Rather than seeking what they need in the usual places (the market, the state, the family), we invite people instead to approach us - and we do whatever we can to help them.

Here, your status has nothing to do with your money or material wealth. It has to do with the content of your character. Similarly, people's willingness to help you should be based on the same criteria.

Local and distributed community

This forum is for people everywhere and anywhere who share these values. Even if it is difficult to find local community, we offer the potential for distributed community.


Simultaneously, we can be building the network and infrastructure necessary to meet these needs.

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